We are so pleased with the staff at Highfield another Outstanding report

Outstanding in all areas

Overall experiences and progress of children and young people

Young people receive an exceptional level of support from staff who are committed to caring for them. Young people and staff develop strong bonds of trust, which allow them to openly communicate about issues that are affecting them. Young people believe they can rely on staff to be there for them and know that staff always want the best for them.

The Registered Manager

The registered manager is dynamic, knowledgeable and highly ambitious for the young people, the staff team and the home. She leads with passion, enthusiasm and commitment. Professionals spoken to as part of this inspection spoke very positively of the way in which the home is managed. The manager takes an active role in the day-today care of young people alongside her managerial duties. This helps her have an exceptional knowledge of the support needs of each individual. The manager is committed to ensuring that the staff team is fully trained and up to date with any new issues and research in the areas relevant to practice.

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