My Second Home

I am very happy and settled living here I’m proud to call you all my second family and proud to call this home… xx

Im making very good progress with Kai ( the horse). Im also making a lot of good decisions working with the staff about my emotions, I’m learning slowly on how to control them a lot better I’m proud of myself and everyone at LC ( My Family) of how much they have supported me, Im learning how not to self harm I’m learning new ways, like how to open up and talk to everyone, I’ve learnt how to tell people how I’m feeling instead of locking myself away and letting it build up I’ve learnt that’s not the way…

I would like to thank you all for all the support and helping me shine and helping me build my confidence up again I so grateful to have such amazing and caring like you all, you have shown me its ok to cry and let it out, I really would of not come this far without you all thank you so much to you all lots of love from DC