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Fun, laughter and appropriate affection is the underpinning ethos of the home. This helps young people to feel relaxed and safe in the knowledge that they can be themselves.
Young people become increasingly safe when they come to live at this home and remain so. Effective safeguarding practice contributes to young people’s strong sense of safety
and well-being.

Ofsted report feedback from Nov 18 inspection


A fabulous environment for children and I was very impressed with the Castles model which is used with looked after children and it’s specific therapeutic approach.  You can see that children within the home also buy into the therapeutic approach and when I first visited a looked after child, she was using colour signals to show how she was feeling that day.  She did not feel up to talking and had put pom poms onto her bedroom door which told staff that she was feeling this way.  This gave her the opportunity to let others know how she was feeling without the need to talk.
The manager Lisa and her team were very hospitable towards me and they were keen to show me how their residential home meets the needs of the children.  The home is very lovely and decorated to a very high standard.  It did not feel at all like a Children’s home which is important.  From my observations, it is clear that the children living there feel very happy, safe  and comfortable.  I found the care staff to be very hospitable, caring, warm, professional and nothing was too much trouble for them, they were also very keen to accommodate me and they transported me from and to the train station each visit.  This is something that unfortunately, not all children’s residential homes offer to do when I travel by train to various locations.

Feeback from Rotherham Advocate
Feedback from Lancashire social worker line manager